Five Good Reasons to Put Your Water Feature on a Timer

Water features, such as waterfalls, fountains and fake rivers, are great at creating pleasant white noise to drown out unwanted sounds, such as traffic, neighbors and so forth. However, there are also good reasons why you might want to put your electric water feature pump on pause with an automatic timer. You might want to […]

Building a Solid, Sound-Dampening Gate

Our front fence and gate collapsing in a storm presented a fabulous opportunity to erect a new sound-abating one. The old set-up — just wire rabbit fencing — had none of those qualities. Dampening traffic noise was the goal so I knew a tall, solid fence was required. To block noise, you want a barrier […]

The Better White Noise…Nature

Water features, such as fountains and artificial streams, are excellent white noise generators. I have three of them and right now they are obscuring the sound of my neighbor’s AM radio talk shows that he must play at full volume. But, water features have drawbacks; they are usually made of plastic or concrete, and require […]

Use a decibel reader…cautiously.

I downloaded a free NIOSH Sound Level Reader app, but with great reluctance. For this blog, I wanted to objectively assess whether certain noise mitigation efforts, such as our tall fence, were successful. But, I also know that our perception of noise is deeply rooted in psychology. I didn’t want objective reality — such as […]

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